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Slurry type pipe jacking method Slurry type Mud max method

Slurry type pipe jacking method


The slurry type mud max method is a large diameter slurry type pipe jacking method that can handle high water pressure and boulders. By using the SMC system (jacking monitor & thrust control system) together, the sharp curve and long-distance with a diameter of φ800 mm to φ3000 mm pipe jacking is now possible.

Characteristics of Slurry type Mud max method

  • Characteristic 1Sharp curve construction (minimum 15R) is possible.
  • Characteristic 2By using the SMC system together, long-distance pipe jacking of 500 m or more is possible.
  • Characteristic 3It supports a wide range of soil types, including ordinary soil, gravel layers, boulder layers, and soft rocks.

    ①The maximum gravel size is about 800 mm
    ②The content of gravel is about 60% (the uniaxial compressive strength of gravel is about 200MN /㎡).(The uniaxial compressive strength of rock is about 100MN /㎡)

  • Characteristic 4You can choose the type of the bit. (Standard bit, roller bit, cutter bit)