Civil Engineering Works

As a general construction company,
we will continue to make strong proposals !!

In 2001, we acquired the international standard “ISO9001” and have entered the field of general civil engineering work as a general construction industry including building work.
We will challenge everyone’s tasks and requests with proposals that are thought out from various angles and the driving force to complete it!

List of construction contents

Pipeline, tunnel, oil supply, road, airport, railway track (Main contractor), land readjustment, creation of land for road/housing complex (excluding the private housing), water supply/drainage facility, revetment, embankment, gutter pipe, sand erosion control, coastal, breakwater wall, vanishing wave wall, offshore wall, dam construction, reservoir / irrigation pond, public sewerage (not including water supply), waterway, irrigation drainage, harbor, reclamation, subway, underground structure, rail tracks, covered drain, bridges, water source facility, dismantling and removal work of civil engineering structures(Lump sum contract)