Sewer pipe (sewage pipe) laying work in Tsuruhama area, Taisho-ku

Construction details Sewer pipe (sewage pipe) laying work
Method Cobra method Others
Completion date Mar. 2020
Location of Construction Taisho-ku, Osaka city, Osaka
Ordering party Osaka City Gulf Bureau
Pipe diameter φ450mm
Distance 153.510m(11.960m,71.550m,70.000m)
Type of soil 玉石混じり礫質土
Gravel size

Work summary

Nominal diameter φ450mm
Distance of pipe jacking 153.510m(11.960m,71.550m,70.000m)
Type of soil Sand gravel mixed cobbled stone
N value 16~37
Percentage of gravel -
Maximum gravel size -
Groundwater level GL-2.7m~GL-2.9
Overburden 3.53m~3.70m
Underground obstacles
Construction period Aug. 2019~Mar. 2020

Sewer pipe (sewage pipe) laying work
・ Pipe jacking work (Cobra method) Steel pipe φ450 mm ・ Insert PVC pipe φ300 mm
3 spans total length 153.50m
・ Pipe jacking work (Rockman Ace method) Steel pipe φ400 mm ・ Insert PVC pipe φ250 mm 4 spans total length 192.80 m
・ Pipe jacking work (baby molding method) Steel pipe φ400 mm ・ Insert PVC pipe φ250 mm 1 span total length 3.20 m
・ Removal works Lump-sum
・ Earth works Lump -sum
・ Attached works Lump-sum
・ Temporary work Lump-sum
・ Shaft construction Lump-sum
・ Auxiliary ground improvement work Lump-sum