Hamakawa stormwater drainage pipe construction work (Phase 2)

Construction details High-density slurry type pipe jacking method with compatible type for underground obstruction
Method Milling mole method
Completion date Jun. 2017
Location of Construction Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Ordering party Shinagawa City Disaster Prevention Town Development Department River Sewerage Division
Pipe diameter φ1100㎜
Distance L=177.628m
Type of soil Medium sand mixed with silt
Gravel size

Work summary

Nominal diameter φ1100㎜
Distance of pipe jacking L=177.628m (Curve with R40m x 2 places)
Type of soil Medium sand mixed with silt
N value Average 35
Percentage of gravel -
Maximum gravel size -
Groundwater level GL-2.15m
Overburden 平均13.1m
Underground obstacles H-beam x 5 places
Construction period Nov. 2016~Jun. 2017

5 H-beams and existing manholes were cut.
・H-beam(300mm), cutting length 382mm
・H-beam(300mm), cutting length 382mm
・H-beam(300mm), cutting length 380mm
・H-beam(300mm), cutting length 365mm
・H-beam(300mm), cutting length 363mm
・Existing manhole wall, cutting length 895mm
H-beam and existing manholes could be cut at about 0.1 mm / min.
The first H-beam was cut in the curve section of R40m. Since the telescopic jack is in the curve section, there was a situation where the jack inside the curve could not be extended by 30 mm or more.

Discharged metal pieces

Discharged metal pieces, woodchip