First-class river Nishijima River tide embankment seismic retrofitting work 2017 (Ryoshima Bridge right bank)

Construction details General Civil Engineering Works
Method River earthwork, steel pipe sheet pile revetment work, ground improvement work, structure removal restoration work, temporary work
Completion date Nov. 2019
Location of Construction Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka city, Osaka
Ordering party Osaka Prefecture, Nishi-Osaka Water Control Office
Pipe diameter
Type of soil
Gravel size

Work summary

Nominal diameter
Distance of pipe jacking
Type of soil
N value
Percentage of gravel
Maximum gravel size
Groundwater level
Underground obstacles
Construction period 2017.11~2019.03

This work is part of the Yodo River system Kanzaki River downstream block river improvement plan formulated by Osaka Prefecture in February 2015, as part of earthquake and tsunami countermeasures such as the Nankai Trough giant earthquake, upstream and downstream of the Nishijima River, a first-class river. On the right bank, the tide embankment will be reinforced against earthquakes.
◆ Construction type (construction method)
・ Soft ground treatment work (Deep Mixing Method of Soil Stabilization)
・ Steel pipe sheet pile foundation work
・ Concrete structure construction (concrete retaining wall construction)
・ Structure removal work
・ Asphalt pavement work
・ Dredging / Floor leveling work (dredging work)