Eitai-cho outside water pipe laying work

Construction details High-density slurry type pipe jacking method with compatible type for underground obstruction
Method Milling mole method
Completion date May. 2016
Location of Construction Sakai city, Osaka
Ordering party Sakai City Waterworks and Sewerage Bureau Waterworks Department Engineering works Section 1 unit
Pipe diameter φ800㎜
Distance L=72.3m
Type of soil Gravel soil
Gravel size

Work summary

Nominal diameter φ800mm
Distance of pipe jacking L=72.375m
Type of soil Gravel soil
N value 7~57
Percentage of gravel 43.1%
Maximum gravel size 114mm
Groundwater level GL-2.69m
Overburden 6.15m
Underground obstacles There was a possibility that RC structures or stone masonry (wedge stone) existed. Thickness 80 cm
Construction period May. 2016~Jul. 2016 (Daytime work 8.0h) 2.0 months

Discharged wedge stone

Discharged wedge stone

TBM arrival status